Northeastern University

Transfer Credit
Rules as of 6/15/2024 12:32:18 AM

Continuing students who wish to take courses at another institution and transfer the credit to Northeastern must obtain prior (and documented) approval from their college academic advisor.

Transfer Credit Policies
1. Credits earned at another accredited institution must be submitted on an official transcript from that institution.
2. A maximum of 60 credits from two-year and 80 credits from four-year accredited institutions, or 80 credits from a combination of the two, may be accepted toward a Northeastern degree.
3. Only those academic credit courses that carry a grade of "C" or higher can be accepted.
4. Remedial/developmental/ESL/physical education/military courses are not transferable.
5. When a course has been repeated at another school or schools, only the most recent course will be eligible for transfer.
6. Credit for transferable courses will be granted on a semester hour basis according to translation standards and in accordance with AACRAO guidelines and procedures.
7. Liberal arts courses taken more than 10 years ago will not be considered for transfer credit. Math and science courses taken more than 5 years ago will not be considered for transfer credit.
8. Students have up to one semester after matriculation to reconcile transfer credit.
9. Courses that do not appear in the database have not been reviewed by a faculty member. New course evaluations are only completed for admitted students. A full syllabus must be submitted for evaluation.
10. Evaluations in this database should be used as a guide and are subject to change.